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CUSTOM PLUGS FOR SALE [18 May 2012|08:32pm]

7/8" 22mm Plugs Made by Myself.

I want to start taking custom orders asap!

(designs inlaid within surgical 316l stainless steel)
I'm really into unique body jewelry, but prices get outrageous at larger sizes. I've seen similar fun, but less elaborate designs made of cheap, crappy material (clay, resin, acrylic) priced at LEAST $50 on etsy. NO valid reason, no effort was made into many generic pairs except to rip people off and "look cool" for a minute. If you're going to spend the money and time on them, they should be treated as art.

unedited photo with detail..!Collapse )
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Dang [02 Mar 2012|06:14pm]

So the lj app is basically the nicest app I have. Madd props. Too bad I dont use lj no mo. I miss all my lj friends though. They're still the best people in my life eight years later

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new addiction [16 Nov 2011|03:53pm]
who has tumblr?


i just got one & i want more interesting people to follow.
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[20 Oct 2011|09:08pm]
I'm sorry, it's official
I was a fist-full, I didn't keep it simple

[06 Dec 2009|07:34pm]
yesterday was my first day of snow
i love it
yesterday i kinda also came to the conclusion that
boston is not benefiting me in any way
and its really frustrating
maybe miami
but its beautiful here
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[04 Nov 2009|01:22pm]
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[09 Oct 2009|01:25pm]
reality check
finding & losing
yourself & others
where your first and last may become one in itself

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[14 Sep 2009|04:26am]
dear sleep, i never thought i'd say this but right now- i miss you so hard
at least i can get awesome homemade fro yo delivered to my door until 2am
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[30 Aug 2009|01:30pm]
talk about right place, right time
i swear i am the luckiest
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[28 Jul 2009|03:52am]
today was really lovely. we watched the orange sky turn black as the storm came through. most would have run because we were on the tallest tower but we stood there and embraced every moment of it. we smiled because it felt liberating and refreshing. the storm passed and we sat there soaking wet looking over the horizon talking about the apocalypse. i smiled because not only was it a beautiful sight but i was in the presence of good company. i thought about how much has happened in the past four years, yet i still get a kick from laughing in the pouring rain with you.
i wouldn't have changed a thing. oh, nature, you never seem to let me down.
now, i'm reading through old journal entries. so much passion and emotion that i didn't understand but felt with all of my heart. insanity, really.

i wrote this in the 8th grade and just found it. unlike all of my other dumb shit, i actually still really enjoy it.
There is death in this city but there is also joy, and you can’t have one without the other so we laugh and we cry yet we are always grateful for the tears on our cheeks and the earth underneath our feet because we feel each breath in our lungs as if it were new. We want to shine, we want our children to shine, and this air belongs to all of us and it is free. Now please remind me why do they charge us so much to live? It doesn’t matter because tonight we are burning down those bills and taking down the traffic signs because we know, weighed down by those heavy black boots and bulletproof vests, they won’t ever catch up to us. We just dance on the rooftops while we smile from ear to ear and they just frown at us, because we understand what it’s like to be alive and burn with a fury that can ignite a paintbrush or pen or a mind. We were born free and we’ll die free. We’re claiming the freedom we were promised no matter how loathe they are to give it to us.

Their faces are pale and cold as granite and we are flesh, blood, and bruises. We’ve learned to look at our scars like stories not flaws and only we can see the truth behind them like they cannot. We climb the tallest trees and wave our arms while they shake their heads and pretend not to see but we all know they do but hey, we don’t need them! Maybe someday we’ll grow into those shiny black shoes and starched white button down shirts but for now we take crazy photographs in the streams by the streets and invite the man leaning against the building with that grimy styrofoam cup to eat lunch with us. No, no it’s not out of pity we just want to hear his story the food only costs us a couple of bucks but his stories are priceless and breath taking. We look at the faces that stare at us, not understanding why they don’t understand.

We know we’re lucky because it hasn’t always been like this, no it didn’t used to be like this and we have the scars, hospital bills, and the bottles of pills to prove it. But we’ve left those memories behind because these days when we look at the sky it doesn’t make us want to die, now we see that the light from the stars was not becoming to us because it lit up our flaws and shone upon our wounds we never wanted to see. These days we leave out scars uncovered and act as an open storybook because that is all life really seems to be. Welcoming the scrutiny and tell the children the stories we’ve lived and learned to love because it’s now a part of what we have become, now that we’ve opened our eyes and felt what it’s like to be alive.
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[08 Jul 2009|11:48pm]
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i don't know about you but i have to eat like 5 of these things before i'm having any "fun"
they should rename them "where-the-fuck-is-the-rest-of-my-candy-bar? size"
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[06 Jun 2009|11:24pm]
kinda want to chop off the right side of my hair but i'm fighting the urge
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[05 Jun 2009|06:20pm]
as if the notebook wasn't sad enough, now they came out with my sister's keeper.
i need to see it though because the notebook is the only movie that can make me cry so i bet this will be 100 times worse and i'm obviously a masochist.
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[29 May 2009|04:03am]
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
although it is terrifying, my future is beautiful.
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[25 May 2009|04:46pm]
does anyone watch the show "how i met your mother"?
i've been told i remind people of the character lily lookwise and personality.
i'm really curious what shes like. i looked a photo but i dont think i look like her but maybe act?
i was also told i remind people of the juno character btu i think thats really off.
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[20 May 2009|04:28pm]
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if you're smart you'll learn by heart what every artist knows
your must sing your scales and your arpeeee ee eeggioooooooooos!!
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[21 Apr 2009|12:48pm]
i'm sorting through my clothes since i'm moving soon
i suck at getting rid of clothing because i never know if i'm going to want to wear it or not
i'm donating a lot of stuff but i figured if anyone here wants anything to let me know and you can stop by to look through things
i'm still deciding on shirts i like and don't really like but for sure i have quite a few size 36c bras that don't fit that i only used a few times and some pretty worn in belts but whatever. idk the belt sizes prolly m/l.
i have some jeans/pants to give away too that are too big. all around a size 5 or 7 except i have one awesome pair of kill city acid wash jeans that are HUGE on me because they were previously owned by someone who gave them away and i figured i could take them in but its just too much material for me to do so. i dont even know what size.
lots of big tshirts that i use as night shirts. i have a bunch so i need to get rid of some.
as for shirts, i'll decide over time but feel free to stop by and take a look. if you have seen me in something specific and want it i'll prolly give it to you or sell it cheap unless i have no intentions of giving it away.

if any of you have winter clothing that you think would fit me and don't want it, i'd greatly appreciate it. since i lost weight a good majority of my shit doesn't fit so all of my pants are giant on me and my shirts don't fit as well. i have to get rid of a lot of stuff and buy a lot of new stuff. so before i send another bag or two to goodwill like i did last week, i figure you guys can get first dibs.
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[14 Mar 2009|03:07am]
tonight turned out way better than i would have ever expected
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[24 Feb 2009|11:13pm]
i just drank a half gallon of choco soymilk comfortably except im bloated
so i was thinking
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anyone wana do the gallon of milk challenge w. me?
im thinking of inviting some people over and doing it in my backyard
any type of milk/soy milk/lactaid/almond milk u want
ill provide trash bags for vomit
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[12 Feb 2009|11:21pm]
i got accepted to suffolk university and umass boston!
now which do i go to?!
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